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My students

Alex and Katharina:

I had one-to-one private classes with Meiyi for about two months. She was always very flexible regarding our timetable which was perfect giving my work and travel schedule. My goal was to improve my Chinese as quickly as possible in a relatively short timeframe, as me and my boyfriend Alexander, who also had private classes with Meiyi, were planning on moving to China soon. I was born in China and raised in Germany, so I had a good basic knowledge of Mandarin but definitely needed to increase my vocabulary. All her private classes are tailor-made which matched exactly with my needs. Meiyi was absolutely great in reminding me of what I already knew and also in teaching me new things in a fun and entertaining way. We would sometimes listen to music, watch short videos on top of using the regular study books. She also taught me a lot about the Chinese culture which I thought was a great add-on. All in all, I think Meiyi is a fantastic teacher, who is great at explaining, very understanding and just a nice person to spend your time with. During our time, I can also gladly say that she became a great friend and we are very much looking forward to meeting her again in Beijing.

Alex & Katharina


When I was back from a trip to China for 3 months, I really wanted to go on learning Chinese and become more fluent. I figured the only way to do that was to talk to ‘real’ people, so I joined a group taught by Meiyi at the Chinese College. Here I started to learn how to write Chinese characters and do speaking exercises with the teachers and students. I started from almost nothing, to more than 1.000 characters now. During the lessons, I like the way the grammar is slowly introduced, without being too formal. It’s still amazing to see that slowly Chinese becomes readable and that you can express yourself better and better in a language that’s quite foreign to Europeans! I like the way Meiyi spends time really reading the text, making us memorize the most important constructions and add some words of your home town too. And maybe even more, the games or role playing Meiyi prepares so we “have to” speak and use the words from the lessons. It seems she takes enough time to give everything attention, yet we never go too slow and progress through the materials.




I wanted to learn Chinese because of my study (Trade Management Asia at HvA). Now I have my semester abroad, so it’s very helpful to understand the Chinese language. I also think it’s helpful to learn Chinese before going to China (or work with Chinese people). I liked the personal way of teaching during an intensive course taught by Meiyi. Something that I also appreciated was the fact that Meiyi had a lot of patience with me. It’s nice to know that the teacher is really trying to improve your Chinese. For instance, it was no problem for her to repeat the same word 50 times. It was very nice to have Meiyi as a teacher. First of all, she looks very friendly and patient in the first place. I think people are more relaxed when the teacher is nice to them and when they feel that you really want to help. Secondly, I thought it was nice that she asked me which skills I wanted to improve. Now we did focus on listening and speaking, which are very helpful for me in Shanghai. So, it’s nice to learn whatever you want, what kind of subject you are interested in, instead of just following a program.




I work as a trader assistant for a trading company in agricultural ingredients. We import and export worldwide. To improve my basic Chinese I took an advanced Chinese course taught by Meiyi, which contains 10 private lessons in 3 months. The lessons were practical and customer made. I really have enjoyed this course due to that I can initiate the theme for each lesson. And Meiyi will prepare the contents for the themes in advance. The prepared materials are actual and conform my level. Therefore, it was really useful for both my work and private life. If any of my friends wants to improve her/his Chinese I will definitely recommend her course. Finally, the lessons are affordable as well.